lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Long Weekend!

A Black Rabbit haha

My Bike Ride! 

This weekend was 4 days.. great!
We enjoy every day. The thursday we went to "El Parque O'Higgins".. We went walking, more or less: 6 km, round trip. From my house.  took my bike for walk and  took the opportunity to use the velodrome for to do some exercise.

The friday, we climbed the hill "San Cristóbal". Was a fantastic day. 
The only bad thing was that it was very hot. Chile is located directly under the hole in the ozone layer. Walk under the sun is like sticking your hand in the oven while cooking biscuits. hot! 

The saturday, my mom and the grandma of my fiance were of birthday. Early in  morning, we celebrated the birthday of my mom, with a breakfast and soon a lunch. 
In the afternoon, my fiance, my pet and me, we travel to "El Melón". A little city in the fifth region, in where live the grandma of my boyfriend. The family celebrated her birthday with a little party to the time tea. For last we travel to "Los Andes" in where living my fiance's parents. This day was extreme!

Yesterday, was more relax. We returned to Santiago...

I hope the next weekend for we can rest.. 
anyway, this weekend was great!

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