viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012


My mom made this mini dress, to crochet. Is White, so simple how to WHITE. Perfect.
I love it the texture, the scheme is basic: chain and double crochet, no more.
Today I used it with black pants and my black canvas..
Also, we had visits! The parents of my Fiance, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, we had a very nice dinner.
 I can't capture pictures, was very busy, from the table, in the dinner room, to the kitchen and from the kitchen to the table, in the dinner room. The time pass so fast, of a moment  to other the dinner is over, and the visits are gone. 
ah, I forgot that we gone to the Books Stores. Front to the building, where is my apartment, there an area for the Store that only to sale: books! New books, used, recycled, bartered.. Is interesting go, there very good things. I bought: 2 magazines of mental plays, 1 of knitting and for my nephew: 2 book of  tales, soon, will be his birthday. Six years! 

2 months ( and I my pink hair haha)

3 months

2 years

3 years

4 years
5 years

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Rectangle Skirt (Tutorial of: Sadie the Sewing Machine)

In Chile, my country, started the Spring. And started my allergies and my asthma worsened. Now, I don't can do strong exercise or simply walk, it only a few meters to walking and I don't can breathe normally. Am Tired all time, I have headache all time, too.
 I'm sad :( ... the days are wonderful and I in bed! 
Days ago I buy a broderie fabric, coral color. How don't have much energy for to sew, I searched a easy model of skirt, and.. I FOUND IT!
Is a Rectangle Skirt, so easy, very pretty, and sweet! 
The Tutorial is HERE, in the site of Sadie the Sewing Machine, I love her blog. 

En Chile, mi país, ya comenzó la primavera. Y comenzaron mis alergias y empeoró mi asma. Ahora no puedo hacer ejercicio fuerte o simplemente caminar, sólo bastan unos metros de caminata y no puedo respirar normalmente. Estoy cansada todo el tiempo, tengo dolor de cabeza todo el tiempo, también.
Estoy triste =(... los días están maravillosos y yo en la cama!
En fin ...
Hace unos días me compré una tela de broderie, color coral. Como no tiengo mucha energía, busqué un modelo sencillo de la falda, y .. ¡Lo encontré!
Es una falda Rectángular, muy fácil, muy bonita y dulce!
El tuttorial esta AQUÍ, en el sitio de Sadie the Sewing Machine, Me encantá su blog!


My Skirt in Process..

next: a zipper!

Fine, now to sleep.even think, get tired me.

sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

My Holiday Week!

Am back In Santiago! One week out, in the country, with my pets, my family, Friends, and the 18' celebration! All was cool! Also... this days I felt how to Holiday week!

However, the saturday past, the situation started BAD! VERY BAD! A normal travel of 2,5 hours, became in an Odisea of 7 hours!! The Sun was shinning, and soon the wind was hot, the people in cars and in the busses was tired, bored! In one area of the road, our velocity was only 7 km/hr !!! I think that in this moment I felt desperate! I had Fear, I felt trapped in middle of thousands and thousands at cars.. 

But I survived!! 

He's my Nephew! <3

Now.. to the bed... I wanna Sleep for ONE WEEK!

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

A simple Black Dress: Scheme to Crochet.

Days ago, I posted " A simple Black Dress". And now, I post the Scheme to crochet.
I'm sorry, but is in Spanish, because is so difficult for me to write the instructions in English

Here is the traslate the name for the Scheme:
Chain = Cadena
double crochet = Vareta o Punto entero
single crochet = Medio Punto
slip stitch = punto enano o lazo de cierre

and... here we go!



domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

A Dress For My Pet! :D

A dress for my pet!
Days ago, I mentioned that in my country will be celebrated "Las Fiestas Patrias", and for the occasion, I made a dress for my pet. She's a Dachshund black and tan, her name is Sibila, you can see her HERE.
yesterday in the night, I could not stop sewing her dress, is my new record! a dress in 2 hours! yeah! 

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Crochet: Baby pant!

Time ago A Friend of my Fiance, had a baby, so, I started a pants in Crochet!!
Here some pictures del proceso, still I don't finish it :(
I hope finish my work in this week! Or rather in the WEEKEND!
Today, I'm sewing a fitted sheets for my beds. And... I wanna finish today, still I have one hour, only I have that put elastic in the corners.. mmmm that's right! My first fitted Sheet! Hand made of course.

When finished the little pants, I will upload the scheme for knitting it.

I love the Fabric of my Fitter sheet. 



miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

DIY: Studs and Butterfly & Pearls

First, sorry for the pictures, the quality is not good. I took them at night. =(

ok,  ago time, I bought two protectors for my Smartphone. And always I had thinking that them was so bored! I wanted to give a "touch", for them be unique! So that take studs, pearls and nail polish and ... I let my imagination fly!

Primero, sorry por las fotos, la calidad no es buena. Los tomé por la noche. =(

ok, hace tiempo, me compré dos protectores para mi Smartphone. Y siempre pensaba que eran tan aburridos!! Quería darles un toque, para que fueran únicos! Así que tome tachas metálicas, perlas y esmalte de uñas... y.. dejé volar mi imaginación! 

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Inspiration: ASOS Broderie Skater Skirt and Peter Som Bralet

ASOS skirt
Yesterday I bought three different fabrics. Coral Broderie, Beige and black polka dot and white with roses flowers. So that I started to thinking: well, what I can sewing with this fabrics? haha.. and looking and looking for there and here, I found inspirations in this models: a skirt from ASOS, a bralet from Peter Som and... and.. still I don't know what to do with the polka dot fabric.. 
For the moment I will see again and again the pics for inspiration.. 
I wanna sew now!!!
 aah and a picture of my baby, mi sewing machine!!! 

Hayley William with Bralet Peter Som's collection 2011

ASOS broderie Skirt!