domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

A Dress For My Pet! :D

A dress for my pet!
Days ago, I mentioned that in my country will be celebrated "Las Fiestas Patrias", and for the occasion, I made a dress for my pet. She's a Dachshund black and tan, her name is Sibila, you can see her HERE.
yesterday in the night, I could not stop sewing her dress, is my new record! a dress in 2 hours! yeah! 

 Is simple; you need a molde, can be other clothes of your dog.

cut 2 pieces: one of the width of molde and other: add 5 cm more width. And more short, 5 cm, too.

using the molde, cut one piece, for the superior part of dress, of total width. And the same tall. 

Cut in diagonal, the superior border. cut in diagonal, the superior border. Now, the piece of fabric folded in half and cut two pieces with a form similar to the photograph. (*)


with the remaining fabric, cut a "trapeze", this is for the back of the dress.

 Cut two pieces more, for the arms.

Sew all pieces, the two parts of the skirt, the "body". 
Put a zipper, or buttons, or hoop-and-loop In the front of Dress.

With a rectangle of fabric, made the collar.


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