sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

My Holiday Week!

Am back In Santiago! One week out, in the country, with my pets, my family, Friends, and the 18' celebration! All was cool! Also... this days I felt how to Holiday week!

However, the saturday past, the situation started BAD! VERY BAD! A normal travel of 2,5 hours, became in an Odisea of 7 hours!! The Sun was shinning, and soon the wind was hot, the people in cars and in the busses was tired, bored! In one area of the road, our velocity was only 7 km/hr !!! I think that in this moment I felt desperate! I had Fear, I felt trapped in middle of thousands and thousands at cars.. 

But I survived!! 

He's my Nephew! <3

Now.. to the bed... I wanna Sleep for ONE WEEK!

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