jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Gold! Refashion Shoes!

I have two pairs of shoes that are equal. So then I decided refashion one pair! 
I would had an spray of gold color, and ta-da. I painted the shoes with this color. 
How the spray is dried very fast, in only 1 hour, my 'new' shoes was ready.
Also, I took advantage for paint some plaster figures.  Only with the splash of the paint.
So now, I have two pairs of differents shoes 

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

Recycling Plastic Bottles: Last Part

Yesterday I finished the stool, made with plastic bottles, you can see it here.
 I used Linen fabric, of pistachio green color. I love it! the color is cool for my living room, is the perfect partner for the "brown chocolate" of the sofa and the carpet. It's confortable and practi. 

well, I don't can capture one picture of the process. My camera was without battery.
But, is the part more easy.
You need a Rectangle Fabric of double of tall that bottles. And 5 centimetres, more width that total circunference. And only make a "roll" with the seat.

domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Recycling Plastic Bottles: First Part

Step by Step in pictures

I used 7 bottles, but U can use more bottles, if you want a big stool

tie with tape

Funds mark the bottles on a piece of cardboard, then draw a circle around these.


miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

One Afternoon in the Park

My Fiance and I
 The Spring is in the air! The days are warm y very cute! Is perfect for to pass the afternoon in the park. I have the luck of living next to "El Parque Almagro" (Almagro's Park), only I have that down from my apartment, in the two float, and I cross a very little street, and TA DA! the park is for me! 

Yesterday was time for relax, us we lay in the grass and the Sibila, my girl-pet, she preferred sit in the legs at my fiance haha.

Also I used my 'sailor look': striped T-shirt, deep blue jeans, blue canvas shoes, and my bow necklace, my bracelets, all made for me.
Ah! my hair was not pink pastel, specifically, but how I said before, my hair now was is peach color haha. Is a pastel color, soft, and soon,  my bought  of Manic Panic: Candy Cotton Pink, will be here!!

my baby girl and her dog friend, this is a Dog from the street, regrettably in the park are many abandoned dogs =(

Side: The Sibila and her dad, how to Simba, in the Lion King haha

The Family!

 I Playing with my girl

Sibila and Aikan, He's Samoyed dog
OMG! those faces! seem halloween masks!
Aikan with his Dad

Katto and Sibila