martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

DIY From Boots to Flats..

I don't have much time for write u.u .. U know that the english isn't my original language, so that I need more time for express my ideas clearly. I have think many time before to write, and, despite this, I know that don't have good redaction. So sorry much. But I hope that the practice me help to.

Ok. This is a tutorial in pictures.

 My assistant: Sibila.

We Start:

You Need:
- a pair of old boots

- Scissors (with good edge)
- knife
- a pencil to mark
- silicone gun  (isn't in the picture)

1-. Cut the boots, to the first sewing.

2-. Put into the boots, a pair of sock, for to mark with the pencil.

 3-. Now, with the scissors, cut, 1.5 cm on the mark.

4 -. Make several cuts, forming a kind of "fringe" along the cut.

5-. Need cut the linning to the boots. 

6-.  with the silicone glue, stick every fringe in inside the shoe.

7-.Cut a small rectangle, from scrap material, and with the silicone gun, to make a bow.

I put one pearl for every bow


This is all! Enjoy it!

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