lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

my laptop's sick!

Hi everyone!
well, that's. My laptop is sick... mmm really is not sick haha, but I lost the charger tip, and i don't can charge the battery, is my third charger haha, I suppose that my laptop hate me!

anyway, I will try to upload my post. Now, I wanna be part of the Sew Along for the blog Sewingadicta.. but for this I need one pc =( .. and the pc from that I write is, and have bad the battery.. Fu....!! ALL BAD!!
Ok, anyway I will try to upload the post with the process for sewing..

Creo que durante todo el proceso de encontrar un nuevo cargador para mi laptop, escribiré solo en español, me "enferma" el teclado de esta compu.. 

Pasando otra vez al tema de coser el vestuario de New Girl, es un asunto que me tiene emocionada!!! 
Hace meses compré una tela que amé profundamente, es de fondo color crema y lunares rojos, preciosa! Si bien el primer vestido del Sew Along es verde, lo haré con esta tela por que acá en Chile "están cayendo los patos asados" por culpa del calor jaja.. más entrado el otoño tratare de encontrar una tela verde que me robe el corazón para hacerlo.. mmm.. pensándolo bien no tengo absolutamente nada en mi clóset que sea de color verde.. a excepción de unos zapatos...
Por ahora le enviaré un mail a Rosy, pues necesito una ayudita con el tema del patrón...  
Hasta la vista!!!

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

Snowflake Video DIY

These days have been chaotic. And this past weekend I was just even more. I had a little accident with a cat. The bastard bit me and scratch me while trying to save him from the jaws of my dog, Sybil. I had to go to the emergency room where I punctured with a tetanus shot, I have to take antibiotics for 10 days, and I hope not develop bartonella. Above all I had an altercation with the doctor who treated me because he committed negligence and was not giving me conrrespondiente treatment.
And to top the weekend, Sunday I woke stomach sick. I spent all day very very sick, I had a headache, felt he had beaten me, frightening!

Not bore you more, here is a video I made with a tutorial to make your own Christmas decorations, today: a snowflake. I hope in the week post other videos with other Christmas crafts.

Materiales: Aguja de crochet, hilo ( o lana, o pitilla, u otro tipo de hilo)

Instrucciones: 1-. Debes hacer 5 cadenas, luego cierras formando un aro.
2-. Levanta 3 cadenas, estas 3 serán nuestra primera vareta doble, ahora debes hacer  otras 19 varetas doble. 
3-. Cierra con una lazada las 20 varetas dobles, tienes un circulo que dividiras en 5 partes iguales. 
4-. Levanta una cadena para tomar un poco de altura, ahora debes hacer 6 cadenas más, avanza 4 varetas de la base y junta la cadena con el aro uniendolos con un punto medio o vareta simple. 
Repite este paso 4 veces más, hasta obtener 5 arcos.

5-. Comienza con una vareta simple (medio punto) y luego has 4 varetas dobles.
Para darle forma "puntiaguda" a nuestro copo de nieve debemos poner énfasis en este paso:
6-. Levanta 5 cadenas, y, en la cadena número 3, debes ponerla sobre si misma, con una lazada. Realiza dos cadenas más. 
7-. Repite el paso 5, pero a la inversa. Parte con una vareta doble y termina con una vareta simple.
Repite 4 veces mas y ya tienes tu copo de nieve.

Materials: crochet hook, yarn (or wool, or pitilla, or other thread)

Instructions: 1 -. You must make 5 strings, then close to form a ring.
2 -. Lift 3 chains, these 3 are our first double crochet, now you do another 19 double braces.
3 -. Closes with a loop 20 double braces, you have a circle that divide into 5 equal parts.
4 -. Raise a chain to get some height, now you make 6 chains, moving the base four braces and chain together with the ring joining them with a midpoint or single crochet.
Repeat this step 4 more times, until 5 arches.

5 -. Start with a single crochet (half point) and then has 4 double braces.
To shape "pointed" to our Snowflake must emphasize this step:
6 -. Lift 5 chains, and chain number 3, you must put it on itself, with a loop. Make two chains.
7 -. Repeat step 5, but in reverse. Party with a double crochet and ending with a single crochet.
Repeat this step 4 more time.  And this is your snowflake

martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

A Matter Of Style: DIY Fashion: Versace inspired bracelet DIY

A Matter Of Style: DIY Fashion: Versace inspired bracelet DIY:    Gold and chains are the perfect ingredients for a luxury bracelet. I istantly loved the bracelet designed by Donatella Versace for H&M an...

I loved this post!

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Christmas Things!

Hi, everyone.
This days, I don't have time for anything. I have many work. I making christmas decorating: the tree, the wreath...
I bought the tree one week ago, and i didn't had decoration for it. Also is end month, so we don't have money for buy it.
I did  make the main decoration: ties, many ties. In fuchsia color! Initially I don't thinking that " fuchsia ties " were a great idea. Strong color? no tipical colors, in the christmas tree? mmm... well I had the desition: I will go to use the strong colors! The fuchsia ties are wonderful, I did a pompoms of pastel colors. And, today, my fiance, bought a christmas balls in blue, red, silver and some red colors.  Now I make a Angel. I will put it in top tree. I don't want the typicall "Star" haha.
Ups! I don't have still my lights! I hope buy all 'the little details' this saturday...

This is a suit that I did for my pet:

lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

White Dress!

Dress  Veracruz
Shoes Index (and Ft by Me)
Tights (I don't remember)
Denim Jacket  BB2
Sunglasses Ray Ban aviator

My Favourite Dress!

My nephew, Javier

My nephew Diego

Sibila,  that shameful!

"Chinita", "ladybug"

 My Fiance and I haha

Sibila and her little sister :)

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

DIY Friendship Bracelet

supplies: - 4 long leather laces in two colors, binder clip, duct tape (a wee bit), handle to tie, or button...

1-. Tie the leather laces

2-. Use the binder clip for set to a carton or notebook (with the duct tape)


domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

DIY: I want this Short! (with Pattern)

I love this type of short pant: high waist, fresh, light, and very comfortable!
This pattern is from a TV channel (Utilisima). And I want share it with you. Is in spanish, but say: 
  • Cintura = Waist 
  • Pantalón Delantero y Trasero = Trousers Front and Rear
Is a pant of two pieces. Only have "one" sewing for to unite this two parts.

Ok, enjoy this pattern haha.

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

the final pics!

the day before yesterday I don't can up the pictures from my swimsuit refashion... You can see HERE
My camera don't have battery, and i don't can find the battery charger.. so, I took the pictures with my phone, the quality is no good, really! Sorry for this.

well.. here's the pics.

I hope use it SOON!