jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Christmas Things!

Hi, everyone.
This days, I don't have time for anything. I have many work. I making christmas decorating: the tree, the wreath...
I bought the tree one week ago, and i didn't had decoration for it. Also is end month, so we don't have money for buy it.
I did  make the main decoration: ties, many ties. In fuchsia color! Initially I don't thinking that " fuchsia ties " were a great idea. Strong color? no tipical colors, in the christmas tree? mmm... well I had the desition: I will go to use the strong colors! The fuchsia ties are wonderful, I did a pompoms of pastel colors. And, today, my fiance, bought a christmas balls in blue, red, silver and some red colors.  Now I make a Angel. I will put it in top tree. I don't want the typicall "Star" haha.
Ups! I don't have still my lights! I hope buy all 'the little details' this saturday...

This is a suit that I did for my pet:

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