martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

All's hand made by Me

 Umbrella Bracelet

This bracelet, I made it with a broken belt.
I took advantage of recycle this material, and add more bracelets to my collection haha..

I used some studs and nail polish for painted the purple bracelet.

For the Green Bracelet, I used thin wire, thread and green spray.

For the bracelet in nude tones, I used hemp thread and "pitilla" (I don't know which name receives in english)

Also, I made a Dreamcatcher. Using the same materials: wire, different types threads,
hemp's thread and cardboard.. too I used some plastic flowers, a bottle...  and no more that I remember haha


 I'm sorry for the dark pics =(

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  1. these are all amazing :)
    I adore them all!