domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Looks I part

Este post lo haré en español, porque es más bien visual.

Enero 2007

febrero 2007

marzo-abril 2007

mayo 2007

junio-julio 2007

agosto 2007

agosto-septiembre-octubre-noviembre 2007

diciembre 2007 y enero 2008

enero 2008

enero 2008

febrero 2008

febrero - marzo -2008

abril 2008 

abril - mayo 2008

junio 2008 

julio- agosto 2008

agosto 2008

agosto 2008

agosto 2008 

septiembre 2008

septiembre 2008

sept - octubre y noviembre 2008

Nov 2008

enero 2009

febrero 2009 
febrero 2009 

junio- julio- agosto 2009 

septiembre 2009 

dic 2009
dic 2009 - enero 2010

II parte SOON! 

sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Hand made!

days ago I told you about my sewing machine (here). The Presser foot was broken.. so that for some days I don't can see, well at least of mechanic form. I returned to the old needle to sew!! And at this experience I made two new pieces of clothing, for my closet.

First a Skirt, a very simple skirt, stretchy knit pencil skirt in black..
and second a little cape, in deep purple color.

The pictures... are bad bad bad... My camera is out control!

The deep purple cape

Here with my new look xD
the new look of my canvas shoes! :) 

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Tomorrow Vacations in Valparaíso!

At last! We have one week of vacations!
Ok! is not many time, but... Is a one week of peace! We will go to the beach, to Valparaíso, this a very pretty port,is in the 5th region of Chile. Was declared for the UNESCO how  "Humanity Patrimony" in 2003. Is a wonderfull city.
You can see more information in : Valparaíso 

.And... I need outfits! Really I don´t know that to use, because in the beach:  the morning is cold, mist, brume, wind... and in the noon: Hot!, and after, in the afternoon and the nigth is very cold again! Is a twister of cold, hot, cold, hot... anyway...
Sure I take a coat and boots, and dresses and sandals...
I hope nice days!

For other side, I'm worry for my plants. One week without water? IMPOSSIBLE! I was searching a form to water my plants.. and in youtube I found this video, I like it, is very simply and easy.. I hope that it is! (this video's in spanish)

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

Special Pillow

fine, how all the people that see my blog, already know that I love to my Pet, Sibila, and I love her breed: Dachshund!!
So I think in made a pillow very special for her, and for us!
I looked for in internet pictures of Doxies, the silhouette, for can do stencils for my pillow..