viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Tomorrow Vacations in Valparaíso!

At last! We have one week of vacations!
Ok! is not many time, but... Is a one week of peace! We will go to the beach, to Valparaíso, this a very pretty port,is in the 5th region of Chile. Was declared for the UNESCO how  "Humanity Patrimony" in 2003. Is a wonderfull city.
You can see more information in : Valparaíso 

.And... I need outfits! Really I don´t know that to use, because in the beach:  the morning is cold, mist, brume, wind... and in the noon: Hot!, and after, in the afternoon and the nigth is very cold again! Is a twister of cold, hot, cold, hot... anyway...
Sure I take a coat and boots, and dresses and sandals...
I hope nice days!

For other side, I'm worry for my plants. One week without water? IMPOSSIBLE! I was searching a form to water my plants.. and in youtube I found this video, I like it, is very simply and easy.. I hope that it is! (this video's in spanish)

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