viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

Refashion: from Sweater to Cardigan!



For my birthday  number 23 (march 2011) I received a cute grey sweater. But, two years after, I bored for it. And I needed a cardigan, more comfortable and more easy for  used.

The process:

1-.Measure or relocate half the sweater

2-. cut! with much security!! haha

3-. In the case of my sweater, the original neckline was a deep "V", so that I had "fix" this little problem.

4-. I measured the fronts, then using a piece of fabric (black in this case), I put a piece as "bias tape" in order to give a better finish.

5-. We had the cardigan, but I wanted to give a touch more romantic. That simpler than elbow patches!
First, I put on my cardigan, with pins and scored my elbow on the sleeve.

6-. With a piece of paper, I made a heart-shaped mold. I had around a piece of fabric, and used it to make patches. The hand-stitched with cross stitch.

7-. And: "The End", Instead of using a normal button, I put a golden bell..

Now... I love it!

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