miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

I'm so happy!!!




Ok. I don't know for where started! Yesterday in the morning, my fiancé and I, were watching a tv show like every day to this hours. And.. of soon, the conductive tv started to talk about a sewing machine... I thought, wou!  really is a  low price for this machine. During the morning my fiance send me a message.. and said: Today we will go to buy the sewing machine!!! Y said: WHAT!? ... we don't have money!! and He, so sweet, said me: with credit card haha... I started to search more stores where was the sewing machine. In the afternoon, we got to the stores, we look, and regrettably the sewing machine had a high  price.. buuu! .. I fell sad, but in this moment a saleswoman approaches us and said: Hey! there's other offer! a overlock, add, sewing machine for $199.990 (U$ 400) .. OMG! perfect!  this duo is  Brother.
Today I will prove it!

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